How He Got Her YES!

  • Proposal - Paolo & Belle

    When you're just so sure you're with the "ONE" and you can't wait to start your forever with her, you'll get an engagement ring even if it's years before the actual proposal.💍

    From Paolo & Belle's university days in UP to their engagement now— truly, love blooms so beautifully when you're finally at the perfect time. 💖

    Congratulations to both of you. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. May your love shine brighter and grow richer with each passing day. #LucceLove 💚

  • Proposal - Adj and Maddy

    Adj, the vocalist of Munimuni Band, has found the melody that will forever complete the love song in his heart. Congratulations on your beautiful engagement, Adj and Maddy! 💍

    It's our joy and privilege to be a part of your milestone. Thank you also for sharing your beautiful story— on how what may seem as a delay, is actually God orchestrating the most perfect and beautiful time for your Love story to unfold.
  • Proposal - Kurt & Kim

    Congratulations to our dearest Frontliners on getting engaged! 💍 

    No busy schedule kept Dr. Kurt from preparing such a special and beautiful proposal for her beloved, Dr. Kim. What a spectacular view and setup! ⛰️

    Dr. Kurt and Dr. Kim, we celebrate with the both of you and we are thankful for frontliners like you, for continuously serving our countrymen during this Pandemic. 🏥

    We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness! 💚💫

  • Proposal - Kevin & Abbey

    As some would say, "Love can be sweeter the second time around", and to Kevin & Abbey, their second chance with each other led them to their l...
  • Proposal - Aden & Gell

    From being acquaintances to being an engaged couple, it's our joy to be a part of this milestone, Aden and Gell! 🎡 Congratulations on getting engaged! 💍
  • Proposal - Drew & AJ

    What a lovely intimate proposal on a yacht! Thank you for taking us with you on your faith filled adventure of stepping out in faith and proposing in spite of the pandemic we currently face. Congratulations, Drew & AJ.
  • Proposal - Emil & Samantha

    Emil, a Cinematographer by profession, has produced one of his greatest blockbuster yet— proposing to Sam, the love of his life, in the midst of un...
  • Proposal - Kevin & Jonabell

    It's definitely a big YES for Kevin!

    Congratulations to the both of you! It's our joy to celebrate this milestone with you! We wish you nothing but the best as you prepare for your wedding and as you start your life together as husband and wife.

  • Ralfe and Avegail - Proposal Story

    There's nothing like a relationship built in firm foundation, Congratulations to our recently engaged Civil Engineers, Ralfe and Avegail! We are excited for the both of you, as you start 'building' a lifetime together! We look forward to the next phases of your life and wish you all the best!
  • Pharaoh and Nhel - Proposal Story

    Valentines Day may be over, but here's a reminder that every day is an opportunity to make the most out of it and cherish our loved ones. ❤️ You may never know how special a "normal" day may turn out. Just how Pharaoh met Nhel, the love of his life, and also his fiancee now— in a law school event while they were trying to sort out a bizarre situation. Who would've thought that it would pave the way to the start of their love story? 
  • Syam and Marga - Proposal Story

    She said yes! Here's to celebrating an unstoppable love that is bigger than any pandemic.❤️ Thank you, Syam and Marga, for choosing an #ecobrilliant engagement ring to represent the symbol of your love. 💍

  • Drew and Trisha - Proposal Story

    A romantic night at a rooftop, few days before Christmas, can be the ultimate setter to a perfect proposal during the Holidays. To top that off, a heartwarming video of all their travels together with the perfect narration of his love for her, can just melt your heart away.